Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


Hailing from the South of England, Joshua 'Satch' Satchell is a singer-songwriter, presenter and activist. 

After getting kicked out of high school at 16 he was going nowhere fast. Hopping from job to job to earn enough money to drink himself into oblivion was the entirety of his ambition.

'I don't know why - probably to impress a girl - I started singing at open mic nights. My hands would shake, my voice would break and I'd need at least five pints to get up on stage.' 

He started getting good reactions and more and more people were coming to hear him play. He then began writing his own songs. Music was the first piece of his identity and the map to discovering the rest. He had found his voice in more ways than one.

'I know it's a cliche but music genuinely saved my life. If you can't be who you are then no amount of success, love or happiness will make any sense or mean what it should. Each day I work a little bit more out.'

Satch went on to pursue himself and his music with his band Frankie Furlow, touring in Norway, Germany and the UK. Playing 29 festivals in one summer including the infamous Glastonbury. Now knowing and going by his real name, he is currently writing an eagerly anticipated transitional album, whilst releasing his six part VP E.P.I.S.O.D.A. He also produces and presents while continuing to transition.

'I had finally found my voice and some success. It wasn't enough and never would be. What's the point of having the best pair of shoes if they don't fit? My voice is breaking but it's the making of me. I plan to channel that into my transitional album.'

'I've done some things I'm really proud of and some that I'm not, but If I can't behave myself I'm at least going to be myself!'